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Accessibility is mostly to do with usability than being just technically correct. The website needs to have crystal-clear navigation, the ability to jump past content areas, provide alternative formats and be written in an easy-to-understand style by the anticipated readership. Can a pricy evaluation tool be worth it and are site-wide verifications using such a tool actually necessary (or just a “feel good” factor of power over the situation) post-production?

The web is a great resource for finding information. Regrettably, you can sometimes feel as though you're swimming against a huge wave of data that simply drowns you. We attempt to take the best autism related articles and offer it to you in one simple step.

We have readers who are autistic, or who are parents of autistic children, or are scientists and professionals involved in autism study. We all have one common theme though - respect for the condition of being autistic. We don’t seek fundemental changes to this state of being but we do hope to intervene sometimes should the situation arise.

Welcome to Autism and disability news

This website is all about autism and other disabilities, updating you about political and health news which has an impact on the lives of disabled people.

With over ten million people in Britain having at least one disabilitiy such as visual impairment, dyslexia or motor difficulties then that makes up a lot of customers to leave if you have an inaccessible website.

In Britain the Disability Discrimination Act of the 1990s places a legal obligation on service providers to make fair adjustments to the way they offer services to ensure disabled people can utilise them. This also extends to services provided through a website.

Sadly there are a great many online developers who do not have the ability or expertise to build good websites and businesses must take effort in commissioning the correct people for the task. Web usability is much more than a “text–only” version and there are many false salesmen out there.

The Disability Rights Commission (DRC) and the UK Standards Institute have published a very important guide for business people in charge of commissioning a site entitled PAS78: A guide to excellent practice in commissioning fair websites. You can get this document for no cost from the Equality and Human Rights Commission site. Take the time to read all of it and make sure you call a true professional to develop your great site.

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